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Hand Tied Wefts

When we talk about extensions one question always strike our mind i.e whether to buy hand tied wefts or machine processed. Both have their own benefits and disadvantages. And you have to decide which one you want to choose as per your suitability. In machine process usually they stick hair together and create a track so that it can attached to hair properly. But most people believe machine woof are usually cause shredding than the hand tied woof and that is because of lost hair while using sewing machine. But one thing that makes them great is it process hair completely which include cleaning and brushing hair properly that makes hair smooth.

Now if we talk about hand tied woof there volume are lots better than the machined ones as hair loss is quite less. And these are skewed properly as fully trained professionals are assigned to this task who know how to weave them and make all bundle stick together. As they are smooth with great volume so these extensions are best for straight or beachy curls hairstyles. But if you want to go for weave curls machine ones are the better option. Another benefits of these hairs are as they are hand weaved there chances of shredding is very less later on and they need less care as compared to machine ones. But its always advisable to to cut hand weaved hair as it can unravel them so always try to fold these in case you need shorter hair. Even if you really need to cut them don't forget to seal them glue. These are more comfortable if you want to use them with tape.On the other hand machine weaved hair are better if you want to go for glued ones. Both have their own benefits if you need more thicker hair with extra volume then go for machine one but if you need thin hair with tape with less shredding than go for hand weave ones. Although hand weaved hair are also cleaned and brushed properly but machine ones are more cleaner. And you are using these extensions for the first one we suggest you to go for machine one as its easy to put on. But if you need better quality with less shredding or you want to go for lighter hairstyles than go for hand weaved hair extensions.

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