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Silk closure weave

These wigs usually have silk scalp which makes it look very similar to real scalp. It’s soft as compared to lace scalp and easy to use. Although it is thicker than the lace scalp that needs little more efforts to flatten these while using. Make sure to watch videos as how to pull it naturally before using it. Although most of its users really like it before of its natural scalp color so you don’t have to color the knots. As you can use these wigs using tape or glue that makes it most easiest thing to use. But same thing makes it the most riskiest task as glue or tape can stay stick to your original hair that can cause damage to your hair. So make sure to use protective solutions on your scalp so it doesn’t stick on your hair and make everything look smoother.

Most of these extension came from Brazil, south Africa and India as they have very good quality of hair that are also known as "Virgin hair". As you'll be getting most hair in their original forms without using any chemical or heating elements. Silk closure extensions are amongst one of them but lots of people believe lace one is better as it’s thinner that makes it super comfortable to wear and easily adjustable. Usually silk base extensions are hand crafted that give them thicker look as compared to lace one. We cannot ignore its advantage of having scalp just like real one. It easily got mixed up with your own hair that makes it super natural. Gone are those days when while pulling a wig one can easily know that you are styling your hair with real one or extensions. With these real look scalp and virgin hair, no one can ever guess that's your original hair or extended one. Usually in lace closures wigs you can easily see tiny holes through the roots which makes it look fake sometimes if observed closely. So for covering roots you have to keep bleaching roots again and again that makes it little clumsy and time consuming to use. You will also see some grid-lines for which you have to make some adjustments and pull out some hair to give it a smooth closure.

Silk Closure Weave

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