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Curly Weave Styles

Curly Weave styles are back, when I,m saying curly style it not that beachy curls. We are talking about real curls as there are on A-list on fashion runway as well as Hollywood. But most of style world questioning is it just the passing trends or these are staying real in trend for long term. Whether you want to try style on short curly hairs, medium length or beautiful fluffy long hair style. Instagram and pinterest are flooded with cool curly weave style. If you wanna go for short bouncy looks then you can go for swept bangs by flattening them or you can keep it curly. Side partition with short hair is quite in trends and highlights in hair will make it look more beautiful by giving your hair great color textures. For medium hair girls, you can go for tousled hair style or just pull a fluffy half bun. Or you can go for twisted braids from front and high ponytail on the back. It will also help you keep those small curls out of your face if you want comfortable hairstyle with these curly hairs.As small curls can be frizzy and messed up after some time so its really important to know what hairstyle you need to put on as per occasion. That’s why for curly weave hair bob cut is the new in as it easy to handle you just need to comb on and you are good to go.

But there are no less fans for long weave curly hairs, in fact people are going crazy for these long weaves curls but I must say if you don't have natural weaves curls its would be a huge task to do weaves curls with rolling machine. It will take lots of time as you have to take very little hair for curling and rod is also very thin that gives you these beautiful weaves curls. But you really need to check out videos before using curling rod, as in most of the videos people got lot tried while curling. And you can’t even stop it in part ways. But trust me even after seeing these vedios you’ll definitely be going to give it a short because end result is marvelous. These weave curly hair will definatly going to give you a runway bomb-shell look. With long hair you can also pull out side braid that will be giving you super cool look by giving half shaven look.

Curly Weave styles

Curly Weave Styles
Curly Weave Styles
Curly Weave Styles

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