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Hair Exim Hair Extensions & Wigs is a top hair salon in Chennai, India. It offers remy and virgin Hair extensions. The hair is authentic and is obtained from temple donors. The Hair is then processed and sold to international brands. In India, there are two major sources for hair extensions. One source is the temple and the other is the hair ball.

Hair Exim

SalonLab&Me is a hyper-personalized hair care service that matches you with products based on your exact Hair type. This innovative service is based on a professional hair analysis by a hairdresser using SalonLab’s Smart Analyzer. The service combines a personalized hair consultation with an online shopping experience. This is an entirely new concept in Hair care.

Hair Exim has a wide range of products that range from wigs to hair extensions and has been recognized as one of the top hair extensions brands in India. The company has several salons across India and has trained over 500 stylists. It offers hair extensions in several forms, including tape-in, clip-in, and I-tip.

Hair Exim sources its hair from South Indian Temples for the highest quality. The hair is of exceptional quality and lasts a long time. Moreover, the salon offers great bundle deals on exceptional hair extensions. This makes it one of the best hair salons in India. Hair Exim ‘ unique hair extension system is customizable and offers multiple options to meet each client’s needs.

Hair Exim is an exclusive provider of 100% virgin Indian remy hair. They sell only to salons and licensed stylists. If you want to purchase hair from them, you should contact a personal stylist. Hair Exim provides discounts for bulk orders and guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

Hair Exim Hair Extensions & Wigs

Hair Exim has been a leading hair retailer in India since 2008. They offer top-notch hair extensions and wigs that are made of 100% Remy human hair. In addition, they offer excellent installation services. You can expect the best quality and most affordable prices from Diva Divine, the first hair retailer in India.

The company has a number of retail locations in India, including four major Indian cities. This ensures that consumers can try out the products firsthand.

There are additionally hairdressers accessible to offer help. These beauticians have some expertise in human hair extension establishment. Hair Exim has prepared north of 500 beauticians in India and presently has more than 250 salons the nation over.

The organization is the first hair retailer in Quite a while, offering premium quality human hair extensions and hairpieces. With their reasonable costs and first rate establishment administrations, Hair Exim is preparing for additional individuals to purchase their hair items on the web. They also have a wide range of accessories designed to care for your hair extensions and wigs.

The company has 20 years of experience and an extensive network of stores in major Indian cities. Besides Diva Divine, Alchemane Hair Extensions is a brand you should also check out. These wigs and extensions are among the best hair in India.

HairExim Hair

Hair fixing in HairExim is non-careful and makes no side impacts. It fixes the normal hairs to the scalp without bringing on any agony or unfavorably susceptible response. The methodology is basic and requires around two hours. It incorporates a counsel, investigation of the current hairs, and estimations. A hair fix is then joined to the scalp that matches the current hair surface.

HairExim Hair is one of the oldest hair vendors in India, with factories in Delhi and Hyderabad. The company is a world-class supplier of premium virgin human hair. In addition to providing hair extensions, HairExim is also a leading wholesaler and manufacturer of lace front wigs. Additionally, the company exports its products directly to customers worldwide.

Cosmo-Hair provides hair transplants at affordable rates. It uses the most advanced FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques, and guarantees that hair will grow on the entire scalp. The cosmetic procedure is minimally invasive and guarantees 97% graft survival. Located in HairExim, Cosmo-Hair offers the best hair transplant treatment in India.

The best hair doctor in HairExim is Dr. Sachin Sharda. His experience includes more than one lakh surgeries and treatments. In addition, he provides personalized counseling and uses less medicines than other hair transplant doctors in India. This highly respected physician has a good track record and is a member of the Indian Association of Dermatologists and the Association of Hair Transplant Surgeons. He completed his M.D. in Dermatology and is board-certified by the American Board of Dermatology.

Chennai Hair Factory

The Hair Exim is an official registered hair distributor and brand from Chennai. They produce and distribute hair ethically and competently. The company is registered with the government of India. They are also a registered end provider. Their quality and service are unparalleled. The hair they sell is sourced ethically and sustainably.

The Hair Exim is a leading Indian hair vendor and human hair extension manufacturer, with more than 20,000 satisfied customers worldwide. They are also a preferred supplier for leading hairstylists abroad. Their products are renowned for their natural appearance, vibrant colour and a variety of textures.

Hair Exim has been in business for 9 years in India and has been serving clients across the world. The company produces human hair and synthetic wigs, as well as double drawn and virgin hair extensions. Their products come in various types and colours, and their prices are extremely reasonable. This has helped Hair Exim gain a reputation as the best hair factory in India.