Weft Weave Hair Extensions India – Buy Indian Weave Wefts

There are many different types of Indian weaves. You can choose from Hand-tied, Machine-made, Deep wave, Tape-in, or Curly weaves. There are also a few variations on the traditional weave. This article will give you an overview of each type. If you are interested in a particular type, read on to discover the benefits of each type.


Hand-tied wefts are a type of hair extension that is manually tied into your hair. They can be applied to nearly any type of Hair and provide a fair amount of density. They are best for clients with hair that is shoulder-length or shorter and does not have a blunt edge.

Hair Exim Hand-tied wefts vary in length from eight to 32 inches, but you can also find shorter varieties. In choosing your wefts, consider how long you plan to wear them, whether you want to add volume to your hair, and the texture and color you want to add to your look.

Typically made from human Hair, these wefts are attached to a strip of cloth by hand. The wefts are tied in several different ways, including with clips. Once attached, they can last for six to eight weeks. Your hairdresser will provide you with information about how to care for the extensions and will also recommend special extension-friendly products. You can also use scalp oil to help maintain the new look.

Hair Exim Hand-tied Hair extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions. Since they do not require heat or glue, these extensions are very natural-looking and do not cause any tension on the scalp. They also offer beautiful coverage. Hair Exim Hand-tied wefts are very lightweight, with each one weighing only 100 grams.

Hair weave wefts come in many different colors and styles. You can find them at many retail stores, salons, and online. Make sure to choose the right type for your needs and lifestyle. Make sure to consider quality, price, and how the wefts are attached. The thread used should match the rings and the weft. You should always consult with a professional before installing any wefts.


Machine-made india weave wefts are made from 100% virgin Indian hair. These extensions are sewn together with bonding bands. They are inexpensive, yet can add significant length and volume to your hair. The most important thing to remember when choosing a machine-made product is that they are not intended to be a replacement for natural Hair.

Indian remy hair wefts have natural softness and shine, and are tangle-free. They can be dyed any color and bleached multiple times without causing damage to the hair. A single bundle contains about 3.5 oz of hair. Machine-made India weave wefts can be worn for up to two years and are available in different lengths.

The length of the weft varies from eight to 32 inches. It is best to choose a weft that fits your head size and style. Make sure to look for a brand with a guarantee. You can also check the reviews of previous customers to ensure that the product is good quality and will last a long time.

These hair extensions are also easier to apply than Hair Exim Hand-tied ones, but they do require glue. Machine-made wefts are thicker than their manual counterparts, so they appear more voluminous at the root. This makes them difficult to hide and can be uncomfortable.

Machine-made india weave wefts come in many different colors and textures. Choose a weft with a color that matches your natural hair. It’s best to choose a product that has at least 80% Remy hair. It’s also important to choose one that’s close to the color of your natural hair, since the natural hair is the thickest and healthiest.

Hair weave wefts can be Hair Exim Hand-tied or machine-sewn. Machine-made wefts are usually thicker and more durable. You can use one or several rows, depending on your preference. Be sure to choose a brand that uses quality thread for its wefts and rings. The thread should match the weft and rings. These hair wefts are great for adding length and volume to your hair.

Deep wave

Indian virgin hair extensions are renowned for their great texture and strength. These extensions can instantly add a feeling of richness to you. These human hair wefts come in various types and colors. You can even dye and bleach these extensions for a unique look. To keep these extensions in their best condition, you must take good care of them. Make sure to lock them tightly after several uses.

Deep wave indian weave hair wefts are available in different colors and textures. If you are looking for a deep wave weave hairstyle, choose the Deep wave 1PCS Weave Hair Wefts. These hair pieces are made of 100% Indian Remy Hair and attached to a strong flexible weft track. They have a lustrous finish and can be straightened with a flat iron or curled.


Tape-in extensions are a new type of hair extension that are applied to the hair with thin tape wefts. These tape-in hair extensions generally measure 1.5 inches wide and contain the same amount of hair as three or four keratin strands. They offer a flat and seamless finish that is easier on your hair. These extensions also take much less time to apply than individual strand extensions and can last up to three months.

Tape-in hair extensions can be easily removed from your hair if they are not adhering properly. The adhesive used to install the hair extensions must be removed using clear oil tape-in bond remover. If the adhesive is stubborn and won’t come off, you can use a nail to scrape off the residue.

Tape-in hair extensions are an excellent option for those who are worried about the time and energy required to apply the wefts. You can apply them by yourself, or you can have a professional do the job. A good hair extension service will have a professional apply them for you. They are also quick to apply and made of high-quality synthetic hair.

There are two main types of hair wefts: Hair Exim Hand-tied and machine-tied. Hair Exim Hand-tied wefts are lighter and more flexible, while machine-tied wefts are heavier and thicker at the seam. Choose the type that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

The tape-in method of hair extension is faster and easier to install than sewing and tape-ins are more flexible and compatible with all types of hair. Aside from that, they are also much easier to remove than sewed-in extensions. However, tape-in hair extensions are not recommended for thin hair, because the fake strands can be visible. Furthermore, certain styles cannot be done properly with tape-in hair extensions.

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