Hand tied hair wefts

Hand tied hair wefts are an increasingly popular method to install extensions in salons. Unfortunately, their growing popularity can sometimes cause confusion for clients and stylists alike.

Contrary to machine-tied wefts, which put more strain on natural hair, hand tied wefts evenly distribute their weight throughout the shaft, reducing shedding and creating a more organic appearance.

Hand tied hair wefts offer a less-invasive way to enhance the length and fullness of your tresses. While they may be more costly than traditional machine-weft extensions, hand tied wefts offer an organic aesthetic that may suit those seeking more subtle changes in appearance. If you prefer this route, hand tied wefts are worth considering as an investment for those seeking a more natural aesthetic.

When using this technique, stylists section the client’s hair into rows and then sew on wefts of hair on top. This is ideal if the client has thin or wavy locks as the wefts of hair are smaller than traditional machine-weft extensions so they lay flat against the head and blend seamlessly with natural strands.

A row of small silicone-lined beads is secured to the client’s natural hair with a bead threader tool, and then an invisible flat weft of high-quality human hair is hand sewn onto each bead using IBE(r) stitching technique. Repeating this process for each row, it becomes completely undetectable once installed!

One of the reasons this technique is so popular is that it requires less invasive measures than tape-in extensions and takes much less time – only two and a half hours for application!

Another advantage of hand-tied extensions is their ease of removal. No cheHairEximal or adhesive is used during attachment, making them simpler than other methods for you to take out. This also makes them healthier choices for your hair as it’s less prone to breakage over time.

In addition to taking out hand-tied hair extensions, you need to maintain them. To maintain their appearance, wash them with shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for extensions. This helps hydrate strands, reduce frizz, and avoid tangling.

When washing hair, use only gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Steer clear of protein treatments and heavy conditioners as these can make the wefts dry and crispy.

For a smooth finish, Babe Hand Weft Adhesive is ideal. This can be used to secure edges of a hand tied weft after it has been cut or to attach multiple wefts together before sewing onto beads.

Hand tied extensions are one of the most sought-after hair extension methods, and for good reason: They’re simple to use, comfortable, and provide a natural aesthetic.

They’re 60% thinner than machine wefts, making them an ideal option for women with thin or fine hair. Furthermore, these wefts are lightweight and comfortable – essential features that anyone seeking to maintain their style.

Hand-tied hair extensions require stylists to manually tie wefts together in a continuous line that wraps around the client’s head. This process may take several hours, so be sure to factor that time in when pricing your hand-tied extensions.

These wefts are of the finest quality, sourced from one donor and never cheHairEximally treated. These wefts boast an authentic natural appearance.

Hand-tied hair wefts, like most extensions, can last up to one year. However, it’s essential that you reinstall the wefts periodically in order to guarantee they remain secure.

To avoid having to reinstall wefts every time your client visits, invest in some tools that make this task simpler for both of you. Detached and Hooking Up by Amplify are both excellent choices! These compact scissors feature a gold-plated blade that helps cut away ties that bind. They’re lightweight and ergonoHairEximally designed so that they can be held for extended periods without fatigue.


Hair extensions that feature hand tied hair wefts are a popular choice. Not only are they easy to install, but the natural-looking effect they create lasts for months.

They are lightweight, meaning they won’t cause too much damage to your hair like other methods can. This makes them a great option for people with fine or wavy locks as there’s no need to smoothen out as much as other methods do.

Amplify’s reusable hair extensions are made of 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair expertly handwoven onto nylon thread for an 11″ thin and flexible weft. Available in various colors and lengths, these extensions can be used to add length, volume, cheHairEximal-free color or correct or enhance a haircut.

The hair is then secured in place with 5mm color-coded “chip-free” silicone-lined beads that prevent tangling or damage. Finally, Amplify’s fast-drying flex thread provides gentle yet firm hold when sewing the wefts together.

Hand tied wefts are thin and lightweight, allowing them to seamlessly blend in with your client’s natural hair, giving the appearance of being undetectable while reducing any shedding or tangling.

They come in a range of shades to accommodate any client’s hair tone. They can be applied to any length of hair, making them especially beneficial for thinning areas or those with very short locks.

These extensions provide a comfortable and natural-looking option when applied correctly by an experienced stylist. Furthermore, they’re one of the safest and most breathable options for extensions – which makes them popular among salon owners and stylists alike.

Are you uncertain whether this style is suitable for your needs? Get in touch with a professional to learn more and receive a free quote! You can locate stylists near you or request a complimentary consultation through our salon directory.


Hairexim has quickly become one of the top brands for hand tied hair extensions due to their superior quality and vibrant colors. Stylists appreciate their thin, durable wefts which reduce shedding and tangling.

Hairexim’s hand tied wefts are expertly crafted with premium Remi human hair sourced from ethical sources and individual donors, guaranteeing the integrity of the hair in its natural state. This allows dye to penetrate into the cuticle layers for long-lasting color without causing any harm or deterioration to it.

These extensions come in an array of lengths and textures to meet your client’s requirements. Wefts can be sewn on or applied using HairEximro links for a smooth, seamless appearance.

Our Silky Straight texture is a top-scoring Hairexim texture that will be your client’s go-to from the very first touch! This ultra soft and sexy style can be curled or straightened with an iron to achieve various looks.

The Silky Straight requires low upkeep and can be blown dry straight, flat ironed for a sleeker look, or air dried to achieve soft curls. This simple style is ideal for those seeking an effortlessly beautiful hairstyle.

Hairexim texture is a timeless classic that will never go out of style! Use it to add length and volume, or recreate any of your favorite styles.

Hairexim Luxe Hand Tied French Refined Hair can be styled in several ways to achieve a soft, shiny look; use curling irons for curls; or use a hot comb to scrunch and finger through for soft waves. Not only is this hair easy to maintain, but you can use it over and over again for an enchanting, healthy appearance!

These hand tied hair wefts can be stacked up to four high on your head; however, please do not exceed four at a time as this could cause damage.

Hairexim’s Luxe collection is tailored exclusively for professional salon owners and stylists. Each package is created with high-grade Remi human hair that can be styled, dyed, or treated with heat and custom color for the best possible results for your clients.