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Indian temples hair extensions wholesale factory

Indian temples hair is a no blinder. Our quality products start with sourcing the right product from Indian temples by Government tenders. Our hair is hand-selected based on years of experience dealing with Indian hair. The cuticles are not stripped and remain aligned in one direction. Once selected, the hair is washed multiple times using natural herbal shampoos and then dried naturally.

About India Temple Human Hair

Wafting is done carefully and the hair is shampooed and conditioned once more before packing. Then the products undergo testing to meet quality standards that include strength, elasticity, consistency, and moisture retention. We sell only 100% human hair that is not chemically processed or mixed.

100% Natural Indian Temple Virgin Remi Raw Hair

We are one of the eminent processors and exporters of finest quality range of ladies hair that extensively caters to our domestic and international clients. Our product array includes weft hair, weft ladies hair, weft curly hair, machine weft hair, single drawn non remy hair, double drawn non remy hair, single drawn woman hair, hair piece, woman hair weaving, women hair extension, men’s toupee, non remy hair, thukku, ladies wigs, barber cutting, double drawn – non remy, remy double drawn and single drawn Also our products are:

Indian Temple Human Hair Extensions

Indian Temple Human Hair Extensions are the highest quality extensions in the world. These hairs are harvested from temple donations in India and with intact cuticles, which mean longer shine and manageability. Wholesale distributor of natural black hair from temples, Remy’s is an excellent choice for a seamless finish. This 100% organic, natural black hair is free of chemicals and heavy metals. The company also offers a full refund policy, which means they stand by their quality.


Temple Human Hair is one of the best options

Choosing the right hair is essential, and temple hair is one of the best options. The best way to choose the right hair type for your needs is to consider the texture and cost. Premium texture and high price is a must for you. If you want your extensions to look their best, you should opt for premium hair, like South Indian Temple. 

Purchasing Temple Human Hair

Hair Exim is a wholesale vendor of raw Indian temple hair for purchasing temple hair. Although it’s an online store, you can purchase the product directly from the manufacturer. The company ships from India and worldwide. Since the temple hair is completely unprocessed, it’s safe to swim and sunbathe with it. It’s also safe to wear Indian hair extensions when swimming, and you’ll never have to worry about it tangling.

The quality Temple Human Hair

The quality of temple hair is extremely important. You can get the best possible quality when buying premium South Indian hair from a wholesale vendor. This hair type is known for its smoothness and shine and is ideal for many different applications. You’ll love the look it gives you and feel great with the confidence you’ll have in it.

Premium South Indian Temple Hair is a unique texture, and you’ll be happy with it. It’s rare and very expensive, but it’s worth it. The quality of this hair is premium hair. You can trust Hairexim to meet all your expectations. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of these extensions! They will last for several months. If you’re not happy with the results, you can always return the hair.

Indian Temple Human Hair Extensions

In India, human hair is harvested for religious purposes. Donated hair is processed to extract l-cysteine, a semi-essential amino acid. The hair is sold in cosmetics, personal care products, and pharmaceuticals. The money raised from the hair sale helps the temple operate and help the community. In February, the temple sold 157 tons of hair and made $1.6 million. A part of the money raised is donated to local charities and community services.

Temple Human Hair in Tirupati, India

The hair comes from the temple in Tirupati, India. The temple has been auctioning its human hair for years, and the hair is used for extensions and wigs throughout the world. Nitin Gadkari, a former Indian president of the Bharatiya Janata Party, has been vocal in supporting the temple’s efforts. He claims that the waste hair is an excellent fertilizer for his garden. He has even built a factory to extract amino acids from the temple’s hair. 

Temple produces Human Hair

The temple produces only a small portion of its hair, so its price is much lower than it would cost to grow the hair in the temple. The profit, however, is small compared to the price that the hair will fetch in the future. Many traders are worried that the world economic meltdown will cause a global recession, and the high prices of human hair have increased their costs. As a result, the hair extensions business in India has turned into an environment of illegality and exploitation.

Temple Human Hair industry in India

The trade-in human hair has been booming for centuries. Human hair has led to an industry in India that now dominates the global market for wigs and other products. In addition to hair extensions, the temple is a major exporter of human hair, with a third of all human hair exported from India. Most Indian hair is sold to Hong Kong and China, while the US is the largest consumer of finished products. The price varies, with longer and shorter hair costing more.

Hindu Temple Human Hair

The temple sells hair that has been collected from Hindu temples. These hairs are used in wigs and extensions all over the world. The hair is used to make wigs and extensions and sold for thousands of pounds in the United States. There is no government regulation about using human hair in India, and the price of this hair depends on the length and type. A few cents worth of temples’ hair can fetch hundreds of dollars.

Temple Human Hair sold in the US

The temple produces an estimated forty million strands of hair a year. Most of these are sold in the US. The temple pays out PS65 million a year in revenue, which is used to fund charitable activities. Some temples are even known for donating human hair to charity. Some of the best-known and most prestigious in the world are those with the highest prices.

Indian Temple Human Hair Extensions

The quality of Indian human hair is excellent. It is unprocessed and does not twist. Its cuticles are also complete, making it easy to style and maintain. Remy’s hair is the best option for hair extensions. Because it is raw, it does not require any special care or maintenance, and it is flexible enough to be cut and colored to fit your needs. Choosing the right type of hair extension is crucial for achieving a unique look and feel.

Not dyed Temple Human Hair

Unlike normal hair, Indian Remy hair is not processed and dyed, resulting in a healthy and shiny appearance. It has less tangling than other types of human hair, so it is ideal for curling and styling. Most suppliers use non-Remy hair and process it. Fortunately, this is the only kind of human-hair extension that is chemical-free. In addition, it is lightweight, bouncy, and easy to manage. It is also sourced from healthy donors and is 95-100 grams per bundle.

Natural Temple Human Hair

Indian hair has qualities similar to European and Russian hair. It is harvested from cows that have a natural cuticle. Many cows in India donate their hair to temples as part of a religious ritual. Donors shave their heads as a gesture of religious devotion and sacrifice. Once the hair is harvested, temple authorities sell it to extension manufacturers and use the money for community well-being. Is it worth the expense?

Desirable Temple Human Hair

Indian Remy is the most luxurious and expensive compared to ordinary hair, among all hair extensions available. It is also known as the best quality human hair globally and is the most expensive. However, its origin is not the only thing that sets it apart from other types. Its care and quality are what make it such a desirable choice. Moreover, Indian Remy is one of the highest-quality human products.

Non-processed Temple Human Hair

Virgin Indian hair is the best choice for extensions. It is extremely flexible and can be styled according to your preferences. It is also very easy to maintain. The quality of Indian Human Hair is exceptional and recognizable. It is free from harmful chemicals, making it an ideal choice for creating its perfect look. The quality Indian hair is non-processed, so it is safer than Brazilian or Chinese human-hair extension.

We specialize in 100% virgin remy Indian hair, which comes directly from temples in south India