Complete Overview Of Best Indian Virgin Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip hair extensions aren’t complicated to apply, but they do require a bit of practice. To start, Aguirre recommends lightly backcombing your Hair and applying hairspray at the roots to form a cushion for the clips to adhere to. Then, begin applying the clasp ins in two-inch layers from the rear of the head. You’ll need to start at the roots and move gradually up.  If you have trouble applying the clips, try using a video tutorial from a company such as Hair Exim Hair.

Hair Exim

A Hair Exim for clipping hair is a great product that gives you a professional style without the cost or effort of going to a professional stylist. It allows you to achieve the look you want without the hassle of a long-term commitment and is perfect for beginners who want to try something new.

It is designed to give you the volume you want while still being easy to manage. Clipping Hair from the root also ensures that it stays in place while drying. It likewise assists with keeping hair from tangling when it is brushed out. The clasps keep the Hair set up as it dries, so you don’t need to stress over re-orchestrating your hair later.

To begin clipping, part a section of hair an inch above the first clipped weft. This section should be centered, so that the middle clip will sit as close as possible to the root. Once the middle clip is in place, gently pull the section away from the scalp. This teasing action will help you establish a strong base. Repeat this procedure with the right and left sides of the hair.


The Hair Exim extensions are one of the latest methods of adding length and volume to your hair. These hairpieces sit over the top of your head and are attached with a band. These hairpieces can be applied in under 30 seconds and are guaranteed to be secure. You can even dye them yourself at home!

Another advantage of Halo hair extensions is that they are temporary, meaning you can remove them whenever you feel the need to. They also do not attach to real hair, so they are safe from tugging and damage. Additionally, they are comfortable to wear and remove. This makes them the perfect option for beginners and temporary hair extensions.

Hair Exim weft

To get the most out of the Hair Exim weave, there are some things that you should know. First, you should separate your hair into two sections – top and bottom. The top section should be pinned out of the way. You’ll need enough hair for the quad weft to be covered.

Hair Exim weft extensions can be applied to any hair type, including thin and medium hair. They can be clipped from ear to ear, centimetres away from the roots, and can be applied to hair in one to seven minutes, depending on placement. They are available in 11 popular colours and 3 lengths.

Another great feature of these hair extensions is their thickness. The Deluxe quad weft is designed to add maximum thickness to each piece, and this can make a huge difference in the thickness of your hair. This means that you won’t need to wear multiple pieces to get the thick look you’re after.


Clip hair extensions are a great way to change your look without the cost of a full wig. You can use the clips to create any style you like, whether you wear it straight or curly. Clips will not melt from heat or react with any dyes. To get the best results, you should buy a high-quality product.