Weft weave Indian hair extensions

For curly weave hairstyle, you mostly need to have very high volume as it need to be curled very small. And usually in weave curls hair loose its bounce that make this style demands much more volume. So you need both volume as well as length as it will contracted because of curls. But you don’t have to break your dream of trying beautiful weave curls as you can get weave curls extension easily with good quality. ANd what if we say you can get these hairs from India, as you might have been researching about hair extension quality and what are the best amongst these. If not then let us tell you that Indian hair are amongst best hair extension and very much in demand all over the world because of smooth texture and great quality. These are also called “Virgin Hairs” because of their original form.

From India you can get any kind of hairs, either you want straight hairs, smooth and silky hair, light curled hair or weave curls. Although brazil and South Africa are more popular for curly weave hair because of natural availability of curly hair. But desi tuft is also amongst the popular in weave curly hair add-on too because of their flexibility and nourished quality. Some companies also offer weaved indian hair and some just pick natural ones. While buying make sure you buy natural ones as it may start losing up in case of machine made curls. Although you can also buy straight ones if you have straight fur so you can style it as per your requirements.

Now you might be thinking that in this multi-billion industry how you’ll able to differentiate between virgin indian hair and others. Usually there are three ways to check that- first one is their smooth texture, you can clearly differentiate when you’ll be touch them as they will be soft and silky. Other one is their color, hair usually comes in natural colors like black and brown. ALthough lots of companies change their colors as per demands in countries. But try to buy virgin one with natural color and you can later on order them for your preferred color or you can color it by yourself. And the third one is great nourishment, you’ll see these fiber have equal texture. Usually because of chemical fur loose its original properties that ultimately cause changes in textures in different hair. You can easily check whether there is any difference in hair or all are equally smooth.

We specialize in 100% virgin remy Indian hair, which comes directly from temples in south India