Wavy hair extensions

Bouncy curls have a tighter structure than their loose counterpart, and can usually be found in darker hair colors or thicker locks. While this type of hair may be harder to style than ringlet curls, it is generally stronger and more resilient.

Another distinguishing characteristic between wavy and curly hair is that wavy has strands in an “S” shape, while curly has strands resembling a zigzag pattern. Knowing these distinctions will allow you to choose the best type of hair for your style and budget.

Curly hair requires more care to maintain than straight hair, and it is more prone to becoming tangly or dry – so you will need to brush it more often than usual.

When selecting a curly or wavy hair extension, it’s essential to choose quality human hair. Remy human hair is the highest grade available on the market and will last longer than synthetic alternatives.

Furthermore, you should avoid using excessive heat such as hair dryers and curling irons on your extensions. Excessive heat can cause them to dry out rapidly and become brittle.

Consulting a hair stylist is recommended to determine your curl patterns and find extensions that suit you best. Take into account your face shape and hair type; those with rounder faces may require more defined curls than those with squarer faces.


Volume-boosting your hair can be a hassle and expensive endeavor, but with some assistance it becomes much simpler. Hair extensions are an affordable and stylish solution that can give your locks some much needed bounce for special occasions or when wearing shorter haircuts. No matter why you need additional volume in your locks, hair extensions will provide it!

High quality hair extensions can quickly achieve volume and length thanks to their durability. Plus, they resist heat styling damage so you won’t have to worry about damaging your natural locks while achieving the desired look. Not only can these handle all of the styling tools mentioned previously, but it’s healthier for you in the long run as well.

Keep your wavy extensions looking their best by regularly moisturizing them with a quality leave-in conditioner. Not only will this smell wonderful, but it will guarantee that your extensions remain glossy and healthy for extended periods of time.

When it comes to finding the ideal wavy hair extensions for volume, we suggest checking out our luxury maximum volume wavy clip-in extensions. These are undoubtedly the hair extension trend of 2017, and they guarantee to show off your sense of style! They make a perfect addition to any outfit.

Easy Care

Maintaining your wavy hair extensions is essential for their longevity, and failing to do so could result in matted strands or irreversible damage to your natural locks. Without regular care and maintenance, they’ll only get worse over time.

To begin, make sure you use a quality shampoo that can thoroughly clean both your extensions and scalp. Additionally, try using a deep conditioning mask once or twice a week to hydrate your locks and keep them looking healthy.

Once your hair has been cleansed and condition, it’s time to detangle. Use a wide-tooth comb or fingers gently but gradually loosen tangles; do not exert force as this could break the extensions.

Another way to detangle is to take your hands and slowly run them through the hair from root to tip. This will help break down knots that are too large to release with fingertips alone.

Another option is using a wig brush, though this only works if your wavy hair extension is made from heat-tolerant natural or synthetic hair. While you may need to exert more force with this method, it will keep your locks looking fantastic and healthy.

Additionally, wavy hair extensions require more moisture than other types of hair do. Therefore, be sure to regularly use products which hydrate and keep it frizz-free – such as Kevin Murphy’s Curl and Wave collection which will hydrate your locks while making maintenance easier.

Finally, air-dry your wavy hair extensions after washing and styling them. Blow dryers and other heat-styling tools can damage your locks by stripping away their natural moisture, so try to avoid them whenever possible.

For a more relaxed style, braid your wavy hair extensions before going to bed. This will create an instant wavy effect while you sleep and help them dry faster as well.