Lace front sew in hair

These are also known as frontal wigs and are slightly different from full lace wigs. Frontal usually goes from ear to ear by covering your hairline. It usually come in two variant lace and silk closure. Free wig usually opt in case of natural hairstyle where you might need partition anywhere. But in front lace wig, it’s already partitioned from sideways or center. This is usually being used for long party hairs or to save you hairs for summer heat as it cover up most part of real hairs.

It has thin lace in fore that usually created before installing wig as per the requirement. Its best if you want long length hairs for curling or you don’t want to damage your real hairs with heating equipment. It doesn’t only give you volume and length but it also helps in protecting from daily damage. Usually a fore lace wig base with rather hard material as compared to full lace wig. You can pull out this wig using tape or gum but make sure to use it carefully. You cannot pull any hairstyle in frontal lace wig and you can do several partition in these wigs. You need to use it the same as it has been partitioned, with that you cannot pull it out in a bun or braid hairstyle. But yes you can do side braids in partition in this style.
But make sure to take care of your wigs and do routine washing, nourishing and coming. Although most of these hairs wigs are from human hairs now a days that makes them of really superior quality but as these have been cut from their roots so they’ll not be getting nutrition from the body so it’s best to wash them properly and use nourishing oils to make it smooth and silky. Most of people complaint of shedding and thinning of these wigs, the real reason for it will be using greasy products. Yes it does required nourishing oil but don’t use too greasy products that can decrease its volume. And never comb your wig from root to tip. Always start combing from tip and then going upward. As root combing can creak hairs directly from root that ultimately cause fur shedding and thinning. And don’t forget forget to comb after drying with wide tooth comb.

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