Double Drawn Human Hair Extensions for Any Occasion

In the hair industry, double drawn is a term used to describe extensions created by skilled craftsmen. This process involves collecting and combing individual lengths of hair by hand to form bundles before they are sewn onto wefts.

Double drawn hair extensions offer superior quality and volume than single drawn extensions, at a slightly higher cost. If you choose this process, expect your extensions to last longer.


Double drawn hair refers to human hair extensions with strands of varying lengths, meaning some strands may be shorter than others but still maintain an even thickness across the top and bottom.

This type of hair can be made from either remy or virgin human hair and mixed with various lengths and colors. It’s an effective way to add fullness and volume without needing to dye or bleach it.

Ponies, braids and buns are popular hair styles that can be achieved. Additionally, short haircuts with lots of body can benefit from this technique as it adds fullness and dimension.

For a thicker style, double drawn hair is your best bet. It has consistent thickness from top to tips and therefore appears more natural than single drawn hair does.

Double drawn human hair is typically of high quality, typically graded A or AAAAA. It’s considered one of the most durable types of hair available today.

It’s essential to be aware that this type of hair extension is more expensive than other options, but the investment pays off in terms of quality and value. Furthermore, styling and blending it with your natural hair is easy!

When selecting double drawn virgin hair extensions, make sure they come from a trusted manufacturer for the highest quality and longest-lasting results. Furthermore, keep your extensions healthy and hydrated to maximize their longevity as well as reduce any shedding when in use.

The only drawback to double drawn extensions is they may feel stiff compared to synthetic fiber extensions, which are softer. However, this is only a minor inconvenience and not enough to cause major concern.

Double drawn hair is a highly sought-after grade of extensions. With consistent thickness from top to tips, this grade can come in various lengths and colors.


Thickness and thickness are two fundamental variables to consider while choosing hair expansions, especially assuming that you anticipate buying twofold drawn human hair.

Hair expansions that are thick and full will give you a characteristic looking style that is easy to style. Furthermore, this recoveries you time in the salon since you will not need to invest as much energy reapplying your locks.

In any case, you might encounter a difficulties with twofold attracted human hair because of its higher thickness.

The first issue is the cost; double drawn hair tends to be more expensive than single drawn.

This is because double drawn human hair requires more work to process and draw than its single drawn counterpart, thus costing buyers more money.

Double drawn hair has the potential disadvantage of not all strands being the same length, leading to narrow ends that appear more frail than single drawn hair, giving off the illusion that the extensions are made with thinner material. This could give off a look of fragility to those wearing them.

Though not a deal-breaker, quality hair extensions should still be taken into consideration when shopping. To avoid this issue, ensure your brand uses only top-tier materials when creating extensions.

When looking for density, Bellami Hair is one of the best brands to consider. Their double drawn hair has thick roots that thin out towards the ends.

Though more expensive, this type of hair offers incredible volume. Additionally, those with thicker locks will benefit from investing in this option as single-drawn extensions won’t last as long.

If your hair is thin or short, double drawn human hair might be the better option as it will appear more full than single drawn human hair and it’s easier to install and blend with actual locks.


As you may know, human hair extensions come in various varieties. There’s Remy hair, single drawn hair, 100% human hair and double drawn hair – so which type of installation will best suit you and your locks?

When selecting hair extensions for your locks, there are a variety of methods to choose from – hot fusion, cold fusion, clip-in or tape-in with microbeads being the most popular options. With so many choices available it can be hard to make an informed decision.

No matter which method you select, the texture of your new hair will depend on what type of natural hair you have. To ensure they last as long as possible, be sure to take extra care with extensions.

Human hair extensions come in two main varieties: single drawn and double drawn. Both are created from natural human hair, but their construction differs slightly.

Single Drawn Bundled Hair:
The standard length for a single drawn bundle of human hair is typically two to three inches, as most human hair grows in cycles. As these longer hairs mature, they are removed from the bundle and replaced with new growth.

For a fuller and thicker appearance, double drawn hair is your answer. These strands are thick right from the root tip, providing you with an impressive full-bodied effect when installed. Plus, double drawn hair tends to last longer than single drawn hair so you can expect them to stay in style for longer periods of time.


Double drawn human hair extensions appear thicker at the root, but much thinner near the ends due to how these shorter strands are removed by hand instead of with a machine.

Hairs typically come from one donor and are cut into bundles and sewn together, then labeled either single-drawn or double-drawn.

These hairs are separated into various lengths and then retied together into new bundles for a fuller appearance. As this process requires time and effort, it’s not as common as single-drawn hair.

For a thicker, fuller hairstyle, double drawn hair is your best bet. Since it has more depth at the bottom than single drawn hair, it will blend better with natural hair and require minimal styling to maintain.

Hair that’s been braided together is much more durable than single-drawn extensions, as it consists of multiple strands which make it more resistant to damage caused by heat or chemicals. That’s why this style is so popular among celebrities.

Furthermore, single-drawn hair can be dyed and restyled to match your style perfectly. Furthermore, maintaining it is simpler than with single-drawn locks since there’s no risk of tangling or shedding.

When selecting double-drawn hair extensions, be sure to choose a quality brand. This will determine both the look you achieve from the extensions and how well they last.