Raw curly Indian hair

Raw curly Indian hair is one of the rarest textures available. It’s thick, lush and packed with texture.

This hair can be styled in many different ways – straightened with a flat iron, curled for an entirely different texture or even left natural! Whatever you choose to do with it, this textured style will surely please those seeking texture in their look!

Natural Color

Raw curly hair comes in an array of hues and tones that can be straightened with a flat iron, as well as twirled into a pixie cut or long locks with proper care and maintenance. It’s great for natural hair connoisseurs looking to switch things up a bit; with proper care and maintenance it will last years to come with regular shampooing – no need for heat or harsh chemicals when doing so! It’s no wonder why this type of extension has become one of the most sought after types in the industry!

Natural Texture

Premium raw curly Indian hair is one of the world’s most desired textures. This type of hair naturally grows thick and lush, though it tends to be coarser than other varieties of Indian hair. You can achieve a natural look by straightening or curling ironing it; alternatively, you could also use it for braid-outs and extensions.

This hair has not been chemically or dyed and remains in its natural state, returning to a wavy texture when moisture is added. Since it was cut from one donor, each bundle may vary slightly in texture.

Raw curly Indian hair is highly durable and can last a long time with proper care. It can be washed, straightened, curled or bleached as long as it’s kept well moisturized.

Indian hair is often described as “luxury” or “lustrous” due to its high porosity, which allows it to absorb moisture easily. Furthermore, its higher density gives off an illusion of fullness that other types of hair lack.

Verifying whether the hair you’re buying is genuine: run a strand between your thumb and index finger and feel for smoothness going downwards in the direction of hair growth; if there is no resistance when moving your fingers in the opposite direction, it’s likely a fake. That is why purchasing genuine raw Indian hair instead of synthetic fibers is so important; most available today have been processed from China and blended with other types of fibers.

Natural Curls

Curly haired individuals know the struggle of trying to maintain their natural curls. Frizzy, dry and coarse locks are almost always an issue when trying to maintain natural waves. Fortunately, there are numerous hair care products specifically designed for curly hair types as well as styling tools that can help you keep those locks under control.

Raw Indian Hair is one of the finest types of human hair available today. It boasts an unmistakably natural curl that cannot be replicated through perm or chemical processes. While it can be straightened with heat, moisture will restore it back to its wavy texture once added.

For healthy curly Indian hair, the most essential step you can take is frequent detangling. To do this, use a wide-toothed comb; this will gently break apart any tangles more gently than using a narrow-toothed comb and yield better results.

Another option is using a conditioner tailored specifically for your curl type. Shea butter works great as this, leaving your locks feeling soft and supple. For added moisture, coconut oil or jojoba oils are great choices too.

To maintain your curls’ health, make sure only to wash them when necessary. Excessive washing can strip them of their natural oils, so avoid doing this at all costs.

It’s best to avoid harsh chemicals in your hair as these can make your curls dull and brittle. In India, you can find many sulfate- and silicone-free hair care products tailored specifically for curly hair that are free from harsh chemicals.

Additionally, avoid sleeping on cotton pillowcases as this can increase friction between your hair and the pillowcase, potentially leading to breakage. Instead, opt for satin or silk pillowcases which will reduce this friction between your locks and the cover.

If you want long, strong curls that last, apply oil before bedtime to your curly hair. This helps lock in moisture from shampoo and conditioner, keeping your curls moisturized for longer.

Natural Length

This hair’s natural length is truly remarkable, especially when you consider its thickness and smooth sheen. Available in various colors and lengths from wavy to curly, its longest strand measures 3 inches and can be cut, permed or colored according to your preferences. With proper care and maintenance required after one month of wear (though avoid blow drying or straightening), maintenance on this type of hair requires patience – so be sure to heed your stylist or technician’s advice during this process).