Raw unprocessed Indian hair

Raw unprocessed Indian hair is one of the premier types of human hair extensions available. It boasts exceptional durability and can last a long time when properly taken care of.

Raw hair is typically sourced from India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma and comes in two styles – straight or natural wave or wavy.

Natural Color

Raw unprocessed Indian hair is a rarity and usually comes at an expensive price point. But it’s possible to find quality raw Indian hair on the market; just remember to do your due diligence before purchasing anything.

Raw unprocessed Indian hair is renowned for its natural color, which ranges in hues from dark brown to black and can even be bleached to match your desired shade.

To get an idea of the quality of this hair, run a strand between your thumb and index finger. It should feel smooth going downwards with some resistance in the opposite direction – this is usually a positive indication.

Indian hair, in addition to its beautiful natural hue, also boasts several other unique characteristics that make it a desirable addition for any woman’s hairline.

Most remarkable is its longevity, which can be attributed to not being exposed to harsh chemicals and treatments which compromise its natural health and vitality.

Maintaining your newfound treasure requires a comprehensive routine that includes using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, regular trims to keep the hair healthy, as well as using hair extensions that are gentle on tresses. Most importantly, ensure the strands stay hydrated with moisturizing spray or cream; products designed specifically for natural hair work best here.

Raw unprocessed Indian hair is the purest and most natural type of hair available – and it can last you years! Manufacturers source this type of hair directly from single donors before going through an intense sanitation process to maintain its freshness.

Hair can be styled to your desired look using either a heat protectant or blow dry technique. Alternatively, you may curl or flat iron this type of hair as desired.

The beauty of this type of hair is that there is no set color code. You won’t find exact shades of blonde, brown or black; rather the hue will vary from bundle to bundle.

You have the freedom to purchase hair in any shade you desire to match your own skin tone! Colors range from light brown to dark brown, and everything in between.

Due to its natural texture, this hair will be less silky than virgin and closer to coarser textures. Furthermore, you can expect a less uniform curl pattern and split ends.

North India is renowned for the custom of women coloring their entire head of hair with henna during certain religious festivals and traditions. Henna is a naturally occurring plant that is nontoxic and safe to use on all types of hair.

People seeking to experiment with styles and textures should try this type of hair. It is incredibly easy to work with, making it an excellent way to add some dimension, volume and texture to their style.

Natural Curls

Indian hair naturally features soft, smooth curls that are bouncy and volumous. This style of hair is popular for women who desire a feminine, natural look. After washing, the natural wavy texture remains; you can straighten with heat but it will revert back to its original wave when moisture is added back in.

Cuticles in raw hair are intact and aligned in one direction, meaning the hair is less vulnerable to damage than other types of raw hair. This also makes it simpler to bleach or color without worry, plus chemically treated hair tends to last longer.

This hair is naturally smooth and tangle-free after each wash and style. To maintain its glossy shine, use minimal styling products to avoid adding too much weight that could cause breakage or split ends.

These bundles of real human hair come from a single donor and can be bleached, dyed or straightened just like your own locks. However, it’s always recommended to follow proper hair care methods for maximum health and longevity. It is suggested to use a deep conditioner on Indian hair extensions in order to maintain softness and lustre; additionally, make sure you comb your locks frequently – especially from the bottom up in small sections – for best results.
Natural Length

Crude natural Indian hair comes in different lengths and styles, yet the regular length is the most famous sort. This hair is liberated from tangles and can keep going for a really long time with legitimate upkeep whenever dealt with appropriately.

The most well known length for hair is 10 inches, however many individuals pick more diminutive or longer choices. It’s memorable’s essential that more extended lengths will generally have more volume and are less inclined to breakage.

15 inches is another well known length, however it could be difficult to find. Superstars frequently decide on this style and many individuals like to save their hair longer for extraordinary events.

Regular crude hair might be more expensive than different augmentations, yet the drawn out benefits are worth the effort. Not only will these provide you with a beautiful, healthy look that lasts, but it’s easier to care for too – saving both time and money in the process! Keeping it clean and moisturized will help extend its life expectancy too, so be sure to invest in good quality maintenance when using this type of hair.

Natural Weight

Raw unprocessed Indian hair is of the highest quality available and comes from one donor with intact cuticles, providing longer-lasting quality than processed alternatives. Not only can it be curled, permed, bleached and styled as desired – it’s also extremely thick and strong which makes it perfect for thick hair types. Available in natural black color at 3.5oz per bundle size.